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Featured Community Member: Frankie Addelia

Posted on Fri, 08 Oct 2010 08:00:00 -07:00

Featured Community Member: Frankie Addelia

Featured Community Member: Frankie Addelia

In this video, Frankie Addelia takes you through his favorite total body TRX Suspension Trainer workout. For those of you familiar with Coach Dos’ work through the videos on our site, you’re also indirectly familiar with the work of today’s featured TRX Community member. Frankie Addelia shoots a lot of the TRX exercise videos for Coach Dos and also for his own website, For him, the marriage between his two passions, film and fitness, makes perfect sense.

“Filmmaking and coaching have a lot in common,” says Addelia. “Observing movement and capturing movement go hand in hand for me.”

Originally from Chicago, Addelia now resides in Los Angeles and works as a strength and conditioning coach. He was first introduced to the TRX four years ago when he was doing some ring training as a gymnast and someone told him, “Bro, you gotta try this system called the TRX.” He did, and he was hooked. He immediately went out and purchased one and has since integrated it into every workout he does, whether it’s for himself or clients.

Addelia loves the simplicity, portability and effectiveness of the TRX, but he also loves it for another reason: its application for rehab. “After 13 years as a stuntman, my fitness goal now is to try to live pain free, so I do a lot of rehabilitative/corrective training on the TRX.”

“I was fairly strong prior to using the TRX, because I was a former gymnast, but unlike gymnastic conditioning, the TRX allowed me to train like a gymnast without the high impact.”

In the video above, Addelia shows you some great exercises on the TRX to increase shoulder stability and mobility and core strength. He starts with the Shoulder Series, TRX Golf Rotation (Single Arm), TRX Torso Rotation, TRX Roll Out, TRX Resisted Rotation and TRX Power Pull.

After he's warmed up, he moves into the meat of the workout with exercises that include the TRX Plank, TRX Pendulum, TRX Oblique Crunch and TRX Body Saw.

You'll recognize most if not all of these movements, but some Addelia does with a twist, and he makes up a few too, which is great as creativity and ingenuity on the TRX is highly encouraged and just serves to "up" the fun factor.

Addelia continues to inspire us all with the awesome videos he makes for Coach Dos and others. Look for more workout videos from Frankie’s Lab on the TRX Community soon!

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