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Fitness Experiment Results Are In, From the Professor

Posted on Thu, 25 Jun 2009 06:07:00 -07:00

Fitness Experiment Results Are In, From the Professor

Fitness Experiment Results Are In, From the Professor

Earlier this year, John Berardi and Alwyn Cosgrove joined forces with Fitness Anywhere’s own Fraser Quelch to design and launch an informal fitness experiment.  Everyone did the same weightlifting program designed by Alwyn Cosgrove 2-days a week. On two additional days each group performed a steady state, interval or TRX based workout for 30 to 45 minutes. The results are in!

Overall, it was a successful experience with 54 participants losing over 165 pounds collectively. These were not typical out of shape couch potatoes but experienced exercisers already in good shape. For this group of people to drop weight it takes good programming and hard work. In addition, everyone improved in physical performance tests. Congrats to the participants, Alwyn, John and Fraser!While there were not “significant” differences in weight loss and performance across the groups I do notice some “substantive” findings. The TRX group demonstrated similar improvements in the strength measures, which is as expected. What may be surprising to some (not to TRX users) is the fact the TRX group demonstrated similar improvements in running performance (Tmax and Vmax tests) as both the interval training and steady state groups. Keep in mind, two additional days a week for eight weeks the interval and steady state groups trained on the treadmill and the TRX group did not. From a metabolic and work capacity standpoint the TRX training was just as effective as the sport-specific skill, running in this case, without subjecting the participants to the pounding and potential overuse injury risk! What a great case for effective cross training.

These results have already started a stir in the popular media as the interval training versus steady state conditioning advocates defend their turf. The take home message here is TRX Suspension Training is an effective part of any training program. You will continue to see Suspension Training being studied and dissected by academics, clinicians, coaches and trainers. Fitness Anywhere will continue to lead the charge to determine the related science and best practices that maximize TRX Suspension Training. We will continue to deliver products, exercises and programming to help you to reach your potential and “make your body your machine!”

As the resident TRX Professor, Chris Frankel draws from over 25 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. He earned an MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico, where he is currently completing his doctorate in Exercise Science. Before taking the position of Director of Programming at Fitness Anywhere, Chris was an instructor in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of New Mexico.

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