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Flexibility Drills for Lacrosse from Paul Rabil & TRX

Posted on Mon, 02 Mar 2015 05:18:00 -08:00

Flexibility Drills for Lacrosse from Paul Rabil & TRX


Whether you’re shooting, defending or on goal, improving your flexibility will enable you to add power and speed to your lacrosse game. Becoming more flexible will also greatly reduce your likelihood of injury. Here are two drills from LAX pro Paul Rabil to help you improve your lacrosse-specific flexibility.

Ground Ball Drill:
This drill improves your ability to scoop up ground balls, by developing hip and ankle mobility, and correcting your lunging mechanics.

Start with a ball on the floor about five feet in front of you. Shuffle twice toward the ball, then lunge down, keeping your head and chest tall. Scoop the ball up without losing your momentum, then continue to run out a few strides after picking up the ball.

Rip Overhead Axe Chop with Lunge:
To help you get comfortable generating power and momentum from a lunge position try this Rip Training drill.

Start in a deep lunge position keeping front shin vertical and your knee bent at 90 degrees. Keep your rear knee directly under your hip, brace your core and keep your head and chest up. Simultaneously push and pull the Rip Trainer in a striking motion over your shoulder. 

With both of these drills, remember to repeat on both sides.

To get more from your from your lacrosse game with Paul Rabil and TRX, check out all of our lacrosse-specific workouts and gear here. 

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