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Frankie Edgar Trains for UFC 150 with TRX

Posted on Mon, 30 Jul 2012 06:13:00 -07:00

Frankie Edgar Trains for UFC 150 with TRX


TRX athlete Frankie “The Answer” Edger is known as one of the most durable, hardworking and driven fighters in the UFC. Edgar now has his sights set on his upcoming rematch against Benson Henderson, where he hopes to regain his title as UFC Lightweight Champion at UFC 150 Edgar VS. Henderson II.

Going into this fight his focus is simple. “I’m just going to be better,” Edgar says. “There are some things I can capitalize on, but for the most part, I’m just going to go in there and be better than I was last time.”

The first time these two titans traded blows, they went for five rounds of intense, non-stop exchange. Both were left standing, but the title of Lightweight Champion was turned over to Henderson by unanimous decision. This marked Edgar’s second loss ever in his five-year UFC career. His first loss against Gray Maynard resulted in an epic series of rematches which eventually returned the title to Edgar.

Now, determined to take back the belt once more, Edgar is using TRX training to do it. “My training camp has been better now than it has ever been, and I’ve been using TRX almost religiously the whole way,” he says.

Edgar attributes his stamina, durability and power in the Octagon primarily to core strength. “I feel like your core is where most of your power comes from. You can bench and all that other stuff, but if your core is weak, a good wrestler or jiu-jitsu guy is going to expose that right away.”

Edgar trains twice daily for two-to-three-hour sessions. He dedicates one training session to strength and conditioning and uses the other to hone fight-specific skills like, boxing, grappling or jiu-jitsu. Edgar’s training incorporates TRX throughout including dynamic stretching and mobility work on the TRX Suspension Trainer, and intense conditioning circuits using the TRX Rip Trainer. “I’ve been able to do more sprint work and train outside with the TRX since the weather’s been nice,” says Edgar.

Edgar is heading into the August 11 bout as the underdog, which proved to be a recipe for success against Maynard. "In a fight, I may be down, but I'm never out,” says Edgar.

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