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Get Leaner, Faster & Stronger

Posted on Wed, 14 Aug 2013 02:53:00 -07:00

Get Leaner, Faster & Stronger


Earlier this month we premiered our brand new, Rip Training: Leaner | Faster | Stronger workout to packed crowds at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles. We created this workout to meet the overwhelming demand we’ve received for a full-length Rip Training workout for everyone from elite-level athletes to home users.

Rip Training develops rotational strength and explosive power, both essential components for sports like lacrosse, hockey, golf, tennis and MMA. These skills can increase your overall athleticism and help you become more durable for any sport. The new Rip Training: Leaner | Faster | Stronger workout led by Rip creator Pete Holman, incorporates high-intensity interval training with rotational movements, making it the perfect complement to your sports-conditioning regimen.   

If you really want to take your golf or tennis game to the next level, combine this new Rip Training workout with our Titleist TRX Golf Workout or TRX Performance: Tennis Workout. You’ll build shoulder mobility and stability, and increase upper-body power to enhance your performance on the green or develop a stronger serve during these final months of warm weather. 

For more sports-specific workouts, browse our selection of DVDs and downloads here

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