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Get the Abs of a God[dess]!

Posted on Sun, 09 Dec 2012 03:20:00 -08:00

Get the Abs of a God[dess]!

Get the Abs of a God[dess]!

Here is a TRX Suspension Trainer workout specifically designed to give your core an awesome challenge. Soon you'll have those Gods envious of you!

Ab Workout

TRX Overhead Back Extension (12 reps)
TRX Kneeling Roll Out (12 reps)
TRX Leg Raise (12 reps)
TRX Oblique Crunch (8 reps each side)
TRX Side Plank (with Rotation) (8 reps each side)

Exercise Details

TRX Overhead Back Extension:

  • Face anchor, extend arms overhead.
  • Keep tension on TRX by pressing arms back, keeping feet under hips.
  • Bend knees slightly keeping back straight. Lower arms and flex hips to drop tailbone down and back.
  • Return to start position by using core muscles and driving arms overhead.

TRX Kneeling Roll Out:

  • Perform exercise kneeling down, facing anchor point with end point of hand position directly under anchor point.

TRX Leg Raise:

  • Laying on the ground with your hand pressing down on the handles, lift both or one leg at a time keeping the small of your back pressed into the ground.

TRX Oblique Crunch:

  • Place feet (toes down) in foot cradles under anchor point, assume plank position on forearms.
  • Lift tailbone and bring knees to right elbow.
  • Return to start position, repeat bringing knees to left elbow.

TRX Side Plank (with Rotation):

  • Lie on left hip and forearm, with toes in foot cradles under anchor point, legs offset, top leg forward.
  • Lift hips into plank position, hold.
  • Raise right hand to the ceiling.
  • With your right hand, reach down and through the space between your planked body and the floor while rotating your torso in the same direction.
  • Perform complete set, then repeat on other arm.

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