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Get to Know TRX Training Club Coach Niko Algieri

TRX Training Club

Get to Know TRX Training Club Coach Niko Algieri


You know TRX Training Club® Coach Niko Algieri lives in London and really, really loves his TRX Wrist Wraps®. You may have even heard rumors that he’s trained his fair share of celebrities. (Spoiler alert: It’s true. Ellie Goulding, Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, and royals he isn’t allowed to name.) But, believe it or not, Niko’s had a life and career beyond the TRX Live studio. So today, we’re sharing five things you may not know about the man, the myth, the TRX legend: Niko Algieri.


1. Fitness runs in the family

We’re not just talking about his brother—and fellow TRX Training Club coach—Jay Brockway. Niko’s dad is a former Mr. Wales, who placed second in the world in masters bodybuilding in 2014. His mom owns Merlins Bridge Boxing Club, a gym in Wales where she teaches five nights a week. (She’s also a kickboxer and a brown belt in karate.) 

Niko has always been athletic. “I was very good at sport from a young age,” he said, competing in high jump, hurdles, pentathlon, kickboxing, basketball and football. “Then of course, because of my father, I was always into bodybuilding.”


2. Niko’s father gave him his first TRX Straps

Present-day Niko describes himself as “TRX obsessed.” 

“You could tattoo my head with TRX and I'd be happy,” he said.

But, years ago, Niko nearly ignored his first TRX Suspension Trainer

Niko’s father was given a set of TRX Straps. “He didn't know what it was, so he just chucked it at me, and then I took it and I didn't want it. I threw it in the back of my car,” Niko said.

A Google search changed his mind.

“I Googled it, and I saw Randy and Fraser hanging off a lamppost in San Francisco... I saw that video and I knew that was me. That was the lightning bulb. I knew I could do that better than anybody else, and I knew that everything that I'd done before—kickboxing, pilates, weight training, everything—I could apply to the strap; and I did. I created my own way of doing it.”

Niko became the go-to guy in London for TRX. He started out training clients in London’s Hyde Park, using trees as anchor points for the straps, and eventually moved into gyms. 

His client base grew, he opened his own gym with Jay, and the brothers pivoted to virtual training early in the pandemic. 

These days, Niko’s leading the charge at TRX Training Club®, our online workout platform serving up both Live and On-Demand classes. (Never tried it? Want to invite a friend? Sign up here, and your first week is on Niko.)


3. He loves coaching TRX Handstands

For his own routine, Niko says his favorite TRX move is a toss-up between TRX Rows and TRX Push-Ups. (It should come as no surprise that Niko’s favorite workout that he’s programmed for the TRX Training Club On-Demand library is Upper Body Pro.) But, when it comes to training other people, nothing compares to teaching the TRX Handstand. 

“Once people nail that movement, they just stand up smiling. It doesn't matter what functional movement you've achieved in the past, they don't care. They're like over the moon. That's it. Their life is complete,” he said.


4. Niko’s a film buff

Before becoming a personal trainer, Niko studied journalism, film, and broadcasting at university. Ready to take on the world, he found a job in London as a strategic media planner working on movie advertising. 

Niko loves movies. “If I've got a laptop in my face or a phone in my face, I'm in the cinema and watching the movies.” (His favorite film, in case you were wondering, is Shawshank Redemption.)

He left his media gig after a couple of years because “I just couldn't sit down anymore.” Plus, Niko realized he could have a career in fitness after becoming a finalist in a Men’s Health cover contest. He quit his desk job, got certified as a personal trainer, and started training clients.

5. His secret talent is dancing

Both Niko and Jay have some moves.

“That's the little sneaky thing that comes out at the end of every party,” Niko said. “We can dance.”

Sometimes, he even combines his dance skills with a few TRX reps.


Now that you really know Niko, hop into his TRX Training Club On-Demand classes, streaming 24/7. It’s easy to filter your search for any On-Demand trainer. (Pro-tip: You can also search by other criteria, like the type of exercise, duration of the workout, or equipment.)

Log in, and get to work. 

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