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Get with the Movement. And Get a TRX T-shirt!

Posted on Tue, 31 Aug 2010 04:59:00 -07:00

Get with the Movement. And Get a TRX T-shirt!

Get with the Movement. And Get a TRX T-shirt!

Since we launched Get with the Movement, we’ve heard a zillion goals. Six pack abs seem to be popular. So is gearing up for a marathon or triathlon. We hear a fair amount about losing a specific amount of weight (which, by the way, involves nutrition as well as exercise). Occasionally, we hear something unique like dunking a basketball or “Beating my dad at tennis.” Good stuff.

No matter what it is you’re moving towards, we want to hear it. But first, in order to share your goals, you need to be a member of the TRX Communityare you?? There are two easy ways to find out: 1) do you log in when you get to the Connect section of the site? and 2) do you see a picture of your smiling, happy self to the far left? If you answered "no" to either of these questions, this means you are NOT a member of the TRX Community yet.

What are you moving towards??? Just shout it out in the Comment section below (which you can do now that you're a member of the TRX Community!), and you’ll automatically be entered to win a free TRX Get with the Movement T-shirt, like the one pictured here. Since we only have 30 shirts to give away, we’ll be selecting from those who post a goal in the next 24 hours (contest ends at midnight tomorrow, September 2), so post away! Don’t have a worthy goal? Here are some ideas for you.

So, to recap:
1. Click below to share your movement (in the comment section).
2. Not a TRX Community member? You'll need to sign up (it takes two minutes!).
3. Submit your movement.
4. You're entered to win a t-shirt.

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