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Get with the Movement. And Tell Your Friends.

Posted on Tue, 03 Aug 2010 04:42:00 -07:00

Get with the Movement. And Tell Your Friends.


First, we want to thank you for helping to make TRX® Suspension Training® one of the fastest growing movements in training today. Thanks to mostly word-of-mouth from TRX’ers all over the world, everyone from pro athletes to fitness buffs have discovered the benefits of the TRX. But to extend that to a larger universe of fitness enthusiasts, we could use a little help.

1) Visit

Today, we launched our first nationwide integrated media campaign called “Get with the Movement.” It’s a video-centric consumer rally cry that dares people to put down their weights, get off their exercise machines and take a more dynamic, movement-focused approach to building their overall health and achieving their fitness goals. It features short videos from celebrity TRX'ers like MVP quarterback Drew Brees, Ironman® triathlete winner Tyler Stewart and elite strength coach Todd Durkin. These videos live on a new website devoted to “the movement” at We invite you to check it out, watch the videos and get your free copy of “10 New Training Tips” (PDF).

2) Tell your friends about it.

We would obviously love it if you would like us on Facebook, post about to your Facebook page, tweet about it, blog about it, forward the link and shout about it on whichever social media outlet you’re favoring these days to help the world of fitness enthusiasts discover the benefits of TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise.

3) Post your own TRX video to YouTube.

Tell the world what you’re moving towards. What’s your big goal and how have you been using TRX to help you get there? Or have you already reached your goal using the TRX? Either way, make a quick video and post it up on YouTube. Then visit to find out how to get it on our Get with the Movement site and share it with (hopefully) millions of people.

Thanks again for all your support!

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