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Get Your Directory in Shape

Posted on Fri, 23 Jan 2015 01:00:00 -08:00

Get Your Directory in Shape

Get Your Directory in Shape

Be sure your profile is ready to go for the new year's rush with these tips. 

Activate Your Profile:

Be sure your profile is activated by going to your My Locker account and clicking on Perks, then Directory. This will log you into your profile where you can update all of your information. If this does not log you in but sends you to the directory homepage, please contact so your account can be corrected.

Add Your Location:

As a trainer, you might train primarily at a club or you might travel to your clients. Enter a location either at your main training location, or a location central to you typical training area. When clients search for a trainer, the results are sorted by the location you entered. So, if you live in the suburbs, but train in the city, you might want to consider updating your zip code to the city so you’ll so up nearer to where potential clients train. Remember, any location you enter will be shown on your profile.

Add Pictures:

Set a great first impression. Be sure to have a great headshot, a picture of your training space (if you can) and a great action shot. As a potential client, many people want to make sure you can walk the walk, and a great shot of you using TRX gear is a good way to do it. You get up to 4 images, so use them!

Write a Bio:

Why should someone contact you? Not only should you list your qualifications and specialties, but be sure you show your personality! What is your coaching style? What can they expect from one of your classes? Not many potential clients know what NASM or ACE or NSCA are, so focus on the experience they will get with you as their coach.

Provide Multiple Ways to Connect:

Now that they are convinced, you should give them plenty of ways to contact you. Link to your social media pages, provide your phone number and encourage them to message you. If you can, give an offer for first time clients contacting you through the directory.  Be aware, some spammers have been contacting trainers over the phone, so you may want to disguise your number using a combination of numbers with letters. Example: (four1five) 655-4seven4zero

Have your own tips? Add your suggestions to the TRX CORE Forum here:

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