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Getting Our Swagger Back

Posted on Tue, 04 Apr 2017 01:25:00 -07:00

Getting Our Swagger Back

Getting Our Swagger Back

After our partnership was finalized near the end of 2016, I had the chance to go to the TRX HQ Office (located in San Francisco) and get trained. I returned home fired up and ready to integrate TRX into our breakthrough Warrior PATHH program, focused on ensuring combat veterans can translate their time of deep struggle into profound strength and lifelong growth (based on the science of posttraumatic growth). I got my first opportunity to roll out TRX in our January program, featuring six female combat veterans, who were struggling emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I never could have anticipated what unfolded before my eyes. On Day One, I witnessed a group of women lacking in confidence, but with a profound willingness to learn something new. Almost immediately, their inner Warrior began to emerge. As we went through each movement, their confidence began to soar, and in just 45 minutes, they started to regain their swagger. After a week of training, their military bearing was back, as was their recognition that they owned their own future.

On the last day of training, we had a group discussion during the cool down about the excuses that prevent people from working out. My colleague entered the room, hands filled with six TRX systems, and all six women broke into tears. This experience repeated itself 30 days later with six male combat veterans – the most apt description was like watching a kid get his first Christmas present.

The TRX system has been critical in not only allowing combat veterans to find new levels of capability and correct the impact of years of complacency and couch-sitting, but have also proved a major confidence booster. These warriors stop comparing what they can do to what they could, and focus on mastering the TRX system.

We have spoken to many of them about why they stop doing PT post their time in the military. The answer is usually cost, location, or frustration about their current physical state. The TRX system addresses those concerns and flips the last one on its head, and we have witnessed nearly every student re-engaging in regular workouts at home.

The contagion sparked by our partnership with TRX has not only been felt amongst Warrior PATHH attendees (and rest assured, there are now TRX straps hanging in basements, barns, and garages all over the country), but amongst our staff. After seeing the power of the TRX system in the context of our program, two more of our combat veteran staff members raised their hands for training, and wouldn’t you know it, TRX stepped up again and generously welcomed them into the family of trainers. We are profoundly grateful and appreciative to TRX for all they do and have done for my brothers and sisters. We will be as productive at home as we were on the battlefield – and the strength we gain from TRX is a critical part of that.

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