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Grow Your Business with TRX Duo Trainer

Posted on Wed, 16 Nov 2016 06:52:00 -08:00

Grow Your Business with TRX Duo Trainer



Greetings TRX Family! For those of you who don't know, we have proudly partnered with Kelly Starrett, DPT on our newest training tool: the TRX Duo Trainer™ - also known as the TRX Suspension Trainer’s new best friend ;-). Starrett is known for revolutionizing how athletes think about movement and performance. His enumeration of titles include: Coach, New York Times bestseller, creator of the Mobility|WOD, Doctor of Physical Therapy, co-owner of San Francisco CrossFit, and Movement & Mobility Expert. 


We are very excited to offer you -- our TRX family -- the first chance to buy the Duo Trainer at a discounted price. (use code DUO30 at checkout)
So how did the Duo Trainer come about? Think Suspension Training meets gymnastic rings. As you know, gymnastic rings have been used for hundreds of years in traditional strength and conditioning programs around the world. While gymnastic rings are a great training tool, they are not accessible for all levels of users - in fact, they are pretty hard core (ie. downright impossible for many of our clients). So we took the best ring features, combined them with TRX's exclusive straight-handle design and signature foot loops, and ended up with a uniquely accessible tool that gives you the benefits of ring training, minus the struggle - not to mention a wider variety of lower and upper body exercises to add to the mix.
Also, the TRX Duo Trainer offers fast, easy and accurate changes so the user can move efficiently from one exercise to another. Macro-adjustments are made using the Infinity Loops the Mobile Grip Adjusters facilitate micro-adjustments. The Infinity Anchors and Loops permit quick and easy adjustments and length changes, training and location versatility, and an overall safer experience.

Duo Trainer

Our partner Kelly Starrett says, “TRX leads the Suspension Training category, and has made it a staple of mainstream fitness and performance training. I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with them on the new Duo Trainer that targets specific strength and mobility exercise. The Duo Trainer really marks an evolution in training equipment. Its straight handles are more ergonomic than rings, reducing weight load on wrists, and the easy-to-adjust straps provide seamless transitions into different mobility, strength and core exercises.”
TRX Head of Human Performance, Chris Frankel added, "The addition of the Duo Trainer to the TRX lineup of products expands our universe of bodyweight exercise with mainstay foundational positions and exercises such as pull-ups, dips and deep pressing with a wider anchoring base.” 

Get an exclusive $30 off and learn more about the revolutionary new TRX Duo Trainer. (Use code DUO30 at checkout). 

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