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Help Change Lives

Posted on Mon, 28 Apr 2014 12:45:00 -07:00

Help Change Lives

Help Change Lives

Some time ago I was working with TRX Founder Randy Hetrick to create the How to Build Your Brandsession that he delivered at IDEA (if you missed it you can check it out in The Core) I did an informal Facebook survey. The question was simple... Why are you a personal trainer?Lo and behold the overwhelming commonality in response was NOT to make moneyI did receive well over 100 answers and the 3 words that jumped out over and over again were simple.


While I wasnt terribly surprised by the outcome it was very interesting to see just how aligned in purpose the industry seemed to be and with a little reflection just how powerful and impactful these three little words are.


First off the ability to help change lives is humbling. It’s not every job that offers this as a possibility let alone an expectation. The geeky super hero fan in me is crying out “With great power comes great responsibility.” The caution being that if we can facilitate positive change in others it is also within our power to have negative impact. Create power to have negative impact. Create injury, turn people off training and exercise or an active lifestyle all together. But still! What an opportunity! To work in an industry that is aligned in purpose. I’ll take a moment to play John Lennon and imagine. Imagine if we collectively were able to keep our focus on “Help Change Lives”? If our decisions and actions were based on this prime directive. Understanding that all of our financial and social ambitions will in fact come to fruition through this purpose. How much change would we affect?


As we reflect on our past successes and challenges and charge into our immediate future, I plan on targeting the following Big Three:


1) Help Change Lives


2)   {C}{C}Act - Measure - Adjust


Its a lot easier said than done to consistently apply a well planned and ruthlessly executed action based approach to problems followed by efficient results measurement that informs an adjustment to the initial action process.


3)   {C}{C}Work hard on the up but keep the emphasis on the down!

(if you dont get this last one, click here for clarification (;search%3ACanmore)


Whos with me?

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