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Posted on May 24, 2018 5:00 PM
TRX Education


If you want to take your functional training knowledge to the next level, check out a sneak peak into one of our more advanced TRX Foundational Movements: the HINGE (see video below). While we did give you the high-level basics of the hinge in the Suspension Training Course (STC), we will go into a deeper dive of this movement in the TRX Functional Training Course (FTC), the next stop on your TRX Education Journey.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

The key to having a successful hinge is to be sure you have maximal hip flexion, with minimal knee flexion. The focus should be on explosion from the hips. Now….that doesn’t mean you increase the speed of the movement and hope for a miracle, rather, with each exercise the aim should be to build on the previous move, allowing you to train the hip hinge and be deliberate with what we at TRX refer to as, “what right looks like, and what right feels like”.

One more piece of advice to keep in mind with any hinge exercise is  to keep a strong plank, maintaining alignment of your spine and hips throughout the various stages of the movement.

Want to expand your TRX coaching skills and put together functional training circuits that feature Kettlebells, Med Balls, Battle Ropes, and more? Check out the TRX Functional Training Course (FTC).

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