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How Athletes Use TRX on the Road

Posted on Wed, 09 Sep 2009 10:19:00 -07:00

How Athletes Use TRX on the Road

How Athletes Use TRX on the Road

Athletes who compete at the highest levels are always on the move, traveling, changing time zones, altering their sleep patterns, trying to fit in workouts when they can. They need efficient solutions to meet their needs as they often need to work on many things at a time to achieve and maintain peak performance.

A holistic approach, focusing on mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery has to provide athletes with solutions and systems that they can utilize both at their primary training center and on the road.

One of the biggest challenges for our athletes has been maintaining the same high quality training sessions they are used to while traveling. We have recently added a new exercise modality to our methodology—Suspension Training—that is helping us solve this problem. Using the portable TRX Suspension Trainer provides us with a new, cutting-edge way to train our athletes in our facilities or on the road.

Suspension Training allows the athletes to focus on total body kinematic control and force transfer to improve athletic power generation. It also provides the basic training philosophy of attaining core stability in order to achieve optimal range of motion. Another benefit we are seeing is that strength is improved with greater neuromuscular control, tying in the entire sensorimotor system into the athlete's training, resulting in better mobility and stability.

The net effect is that our athletes improve their performance while reducing their risk for injury. Here are a few key TRX exercises we use with our athletes to improve their throwing velocity and upper body power... click here to read the full article.

Sue Falsone is the Director of Performance Physical Therapy for Athletes’ Performance and a physical therapist for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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