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How Can Everybody Do the 40/40 Challenge, Ask the Trainer

Posted on Mon, 03 Jan 2011 05:00:00 -08:00

How Can Everybody Do the 40/40 Challenge, Ask the Trainer


While training is your time to push yourself, you shouldn’t overdo it. Nothing’s more counterproductive than an injury. In this Ask the Trainer, Dan McDonogh shows us how to regress our famous TRX 40/40 Challenge so you can avoid injury while still making amazing progress. The TRX 40/40 Challenge combines two signature TRX exercises used to measure upper body and core strength: the TRX Atomic Push-up and the TRX Low Row. In the video above, Dan shows us ways to modify these two movements to make this change achievableto anyone at any fitness level. Let's get to it!

TRX Atomic Push-up
Benefits: Tests upper body push and core strength simultaneously
Adjust your TRX to mid calf length. Begin on your hands and knees facing away from the anchor point. Engage your core and lift your body into a hand plank position. Lower your upper body down, maintaining a strong plank position, and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Drive through your palms, lift your hips slightly and bring your knees in toward your chest. This is considered one rep.

1. TRX Atomic Rest: At the bottom of each push-up, allow your body to completely rest on the ground.
2. TRX Atomic Knee: Perform the push-up on your knees; the rest of the movement remains the same.
3. TRX Knee Plank: Perform the push-up on your knees and then return to a suspended plank position.

TRX Low Row
Benefits: Tests upper body pull and core strength simultaneously
Adjust your TRX to the fully shortened position. Begin by standing facing the anchor point. With your elbows bent under your shoulders, walk your feet directly under the anchor point until there is the desired load and then assume a narrow stance. Maintain a lengthened spine and extend your arms to lower your body, allowing your shoulder blades to protract with the movement. Move your arms into shoulder extension and your shoulder blades into retraction to pull your torso toward the anchor point.

1. Apply Vector Resistance Principle by walking your feet up away from the TRX anchor point.

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