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How do I Move Up in Rank?- Updated!

Posted on Tue, 11 Jun 2013 03:48:00 -07:00

How do I Move Up in Rank?- Updated!

How do I Move Up in Rank?- Updated!

Your TRX CORE membership provides you with a TRX Rank, a way to show how you stack up among TRX’s most elite community of trainers. Your TRX Rank badge and wristband correspond to the level you’ve obtained within the color-coded ranking system. Each TRX Education Course you take and TRX Education Summit you attend earns you points that help you advance to the highest Rank. Membership in TRX CORE entitles you to have your TRX CORE Rank highlighted in the TRX Directory.

Here is a breakdown of the points you can earn across different TRX CORE Courses:

Digital Education Course - 3,000 points
Level 1 Education Course - 8,000 points
Level 2 Education Course - 16,000 points
Level 3 Education Course - 24,000 points

*Trainer Summits - 8,000 points per day

Here are the requirements for each TRX Rank:
White Rank

  • 8,000 points
  • Must complete a minimum of one, 8-hour TRX Professional Education Course

Yellow Rank

  • 24,000 points

Gray Rank

  • 70,000 points

Black Rank

  • 150,000 points

Black & Yellow Rank:

  • The ultimate TRX Rank and Ambassador
  • TRX Black & Yellow Ranked CORE members can teach Professional Education Courses
  • Highly active in ongoing education, upskilling events and summits

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