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How to Address Tight Hips in Under 3 Minutes 

TRX Rocker


Hear from TRX Master Instructor, Krystal Say, on how to address tight hips.  

During the winter season we often find ourselves in the monotony of shoveling, changing our gate, catching ourselves from slipping or just clenching our body to try and stay warm.  For many of us this can lead to tight hips, and tight hips lead to achy low backs!  

The TRX Rocker has been a game changer.  Check out this triple threat that includes movement patterns that will target 3 main culprits of tight hips in under three minutes.  Stretch your piriformis, hip flexors, and rock out that gluteus medius. 


Place the TRX Rocker with the Edge facing your feet.  You can choose the level 1 or level 2 ridges to face up (I chose level 2 for a bit more pressure).  Lie down over the rocker, knees bent, feet on floor hips width apart. Align the top Rocker ridge at the insertion of the gluteus medius directly under the superior border of the ilium (you should feel muscle on the rocker, not bone). 

Action 1:  Double knee rock 

KRYSTAL SAY ROCKER VIDEO_Double knee rock_V2_c

Reps: 2-3x per side

Both feet flat on the floor, hips width apart.  Arms by your sides. Slowly drop both knees to the right and feel the pressure deepen at the top of your right glute.  Return to center and switch sides. *Shoulders stay anchored to the floor the entire time.

Action 2: Hip Flexor Stretch 


Reps: Hold for 3-5 full cycles of breath

Extend your left leg long toward the floor in front of you.  Right knee bent, foot flat on floor (this may be enough).

Option: drive right knee into chest, grab behind right thigh with both hands and hug right leg toward chest (left foot may elevate off the ground – this is ok).  Keep both feet flexed. 

Action 3: Single Knee Cross Body Rock 

KRYSTAL SAY ROCKER VIDEO_Cross body rock_V2_c (1)

Reps: 4 rotations per side

‘T’ open your arms to help anchor your shoulders to the ground.  Stack right knee over right hip, (right foot the height of right knee).  On the exhale, cross the right knee across body and feel the pressure deepen in the left glute, as you stretch the right piriformis.  Return right knee to starting position upon the inhale. *Shoulders stay anchored to the floor the entire time.

Repeat Actions 2 and 3 on the other side.


-   Keep at least 1 leg in contact with the ground at all times to support

-   Keep both shoulder blades on the ground at all times

-   Brace your core

-   Relax your head and neck

-   Breath

-   Move slowly and rhythmically

-   If you reach a spot that is tight and takes your breath away, pause and take 3-5 deep breaths to release the tension before continuing the movement pattern


Happy Rocking!

- Krystal

As a TRX Master Instructor, Krystal teaches TRX Education courses on the East Coast. Find her at a course near you!

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