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How to Avoid the Freshman 15 with TRX

Posted on Tue, 04 Aug 2015 02:41:00 -07:00

How to Avoid the Freshman 15 with TRX

How to Avoid the Freshman 15 with TRX

While the “freshman 15” may be an exaggeration, research has shown that 1 in 4 college freshmen put on about 5% of their body weight in their first semester. When you consider that weight gain in college has been proven to lead to continued weight gain throughout life, nipping this tendency in the bud could be a pay off big in the long run.

Getting a break from all of the…, studying, new college students are tasked with can be a struggle, and making it to the gym often falls by the wayside pretty quick. For some students, it can be hard to justify taking time away from the books to get a workout in. However, studies have found that regular exercise actually helps to improve brain function, memory and thinking skills.

We can help. This short and effective TRX workout that can be done in the confines of even the most cramped dorm rooms, or in your recently vacated house.

Move from exercise to exercise with minimal rest until you finish the full sequence, then rest for 2-4 minutes and repeat 1-3 times.

TRX Row (10-15 Reps)
Stand facing the TRX Suspension Trainer holding on to the handles with your palms facing each other. Lean back, brace your core and squeeze your glutes, and imaging that you are performing a plank while standing up.
Squeeze your shoulder blades together and use your back and arm muscles to pull your body up until your hands are at the side of your rib cage.
Slowly lower your body back down to the start position, maintaining a plank position throughout the entire exercise.

TRX Chest Press (8-10 Reps)
Stand facing away from the TRX Suspension Trainer  with the your hands holding the handles out in front of you. Brace your core and focus on holding a solid plank.
Lower your chest towards your hands, and imaging your entire body is just a moving plank. Stop when your hands are in line with your chest.
Press yourself back up in one slow controlled movement, focus on keeping your knees, hips and shoulders in line the entire way up.

TRX Lunge (5-8 Reps Each Leg)
Stand facing away from the anchor point with one foot suspended in both foot cradles. Brace your core and focus on establishing your plank from the ground up. Drop your hips down and back into a deep lunge. Keep the shin on your working vertical and your torso totally upright. Stop at the bottom when working knee is at 90 degrees. Drive through your front leg to return to the top of your lunge. Engage your core and keep your chest and head up throughout the entire movement.

TRX Crunch (5-8 Reps)
Set yourself up in a push up position with your toes in the foot cradles of the TRX Suspension Trainer. Use your core muscles to crunch your knees into your chest, while lifting your hips. Straighten your legs to return to the start position.

TRX Hamstring Curl (8-10 Reps)
Lie on your back with your heels in the foot cradles of the TRX Suspension Trainer, legs extended and arms straight out to your sides in a "T," palms on floor. Lift your hips so your body is aligned from shoulders to heels, as though you are performing a plank on your back. Use your glutes and hamstrings to bend your knees, and pull the handles toward you. Extend your legs to return to the starting position.

TRX Squat Jumps (10-15 Reps)
Adjust the TRX Suspension Trainer to mid length. Stand facing the TRX with your feet hip width apart. Position your elbows under your shoulders and lower your hips down and back, keeping your weight in your heels. Squeeze your glutes and drive your hips up to explode and jump at the top of your squat. Use the TRX straps to help you decelerate and land as softly as possible. Keep your chest lifted throughout the movement.

This short workout will not only help you stay trim and fit as while you hit the books, it will also help improve brain function, so that you get the most bang for your academic buck.  

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