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How to maintain your summer strength throughout the year

Posted on Aug 23, 2017 1:20:00 PM

How to maintain your summer strength throughout the year


Summer is fleeting, but fitness is forever

There are two times each year when we collectively decide to prioritize fitness. First, in January, when we set our New Year’s resolutions, and second, each spring, when we become obsessed with getting “beach ready.” So what happens during the rest of the year?

As we prepare to say goodbye to summer, most of us squeeze in a few final runs, squats, or TRX Crunches before Labor Day weekend, but we don’t have to abandon our fitness routines just because sweater season is starting. Fitness should be a year-round pursuit to help you live and feel better regardless of the number of barbecues or clambakes you’re attending. To help you transition, we’re highlighting some of our favorite workouts to help you ease into indoor fitness while improving strength and mobility for your outdoor hobbies.

If you like kayaking or standup paddleboarding, try TRX Rows and Muscle Ups

Want to work your shoulders, triceps, and obliques during the summer? It’s tough to beat gliding along a still lake atop a kayak or a SUP on a sunny day. But, when the temperatures start dropping in September, you know it’s time to beat a hasty retreat to your TRX® Suspension Trainer™. Fortunately, you can replicate those same functional movements from your summer water sports inside and outside with TRX Low Rows, TRX High Rows, and TRX Muscle Ups.

If you like trail running, try TRX Suspended Lunges

One of the perks of hiking and trail running is that the uneven surface helps improve your ankle stabilization. It’s easy to continue training those muscles by practicing TRX Suspended Lunges with your TRX® Suspension Trainer™. In addition to strengthening your ankles, this move also targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes—all muscle groups that you’ll need when you’re ready to hit the trails again next year—or the slopes during ski season!

If you like swimming, try the TRX Plank, Squat, Power Pull, and Swimmer’s Pull

If you have access to an indoor pool, swimming can be a year-round activity, and supplementing your laps with Suspension Training® exercises can help you become a stronger swimmer. Kari Woodall, a TRX Instructor and former professional swimmer, recommends practicing the TRX Plank, Squat, Power Pull, and Swimmer’s Pull. TRX Planks can help you develop a neutral spine while floating, TRX Squats increase your power on wall turns, TRX Power Pulls train you to “preload” your pectorals for freestyle, and TRX Swimmer’s Pulls help you “connect the catch to the core.”

If you like cycling, try a TRX workout for cyclists

The TRX Suspension Trainer can help you build strength, mobility, and flexibility for your next cycling outing using seven moves. Start with a TRX Forward Lunge with a Y-Fly, alternating your legs, before moving on to a TRX Hamstring Runner. Follow those up with TRX Pikes, TRX Pikes with an isometric hold, and TRX Pike Climbers. Finish your workout with TRX Overhead Squats and TRX Sprinter Starts.

Bears may hibernate through the winter months, but your healthy habits shouldn’t. Whether you use it at home or in your gym, your TRX® Suspension Trainer™ can help you maintain those active summer lifestyle results all year long.

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