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How to Prepare for the New Year’s Resolutionists

Posted on Dec 11, 2017 11:00 AM

How to Prepare for the New Year’s Resolutionists

Every January, fit pros witness the mass migration of newly inspired folk who travel from the couch to gym doors in hopes of finally realizing their health and fitness goals. However, as gym and fitness center owners are well aware, that migration starts with a thunder and ends in a whimper somewhere around February or March. So, what does it take to attract those individuals to your gym and convert them into long-term members?

Here are five things you can do draw and keep this finicky market past the February drop-off.

Take Advantage of Effective Trends

There’s no denying that people want to be involved in the hottest training programs. According to Club Industry, functional fitness is set to be one of the top trends in 2018. In order to give consumers what they want, be sure to outfit your space with some of the most sought-after functional fitness training tools. Slam balls, conditioning ropes and kettlebells are all hot pieces of equipment that will help you round out your functional fitness arsenal.

Spruce Up Your Space

When was the last time you gave your gym a deep clean, freshened the paint or rearranged your equipment? A scrubbed, updated and well-organized space is a key factor in a potential member’s decision-making process. Take the typically slower holiday season to give your gym a few aesthetic upgrades that will create a more inviting, attractive environment. You might even consider switching out some of that rarely used and space-hogging equipment for some new staples with smaller footprints or that are easily stored when not in use.

Level-Up Your Know-How

High-quality tools are important components of a successful training program, but they’re rendered less effective without a good understanding of how to use them. Investing in educational programs, like TRX EDU, for your trainers and coaches gives them the confidence to build top-level training plans and puts your new members on the fast-track toward achieving their New Year’s goals. Successful members are happy members. Happy members are more loyal which creates increased stability for your business.

"Understanding the TRX Foundational Movements is key to being a solid coach,” says TRX Master Trainer, Miguel Vargas. “Whether you're new to the industry or a veteran in the game, The Suspension Training Course will take your coaching skills to the next level.”

Assess to Progress

Functional Movement Screens are invaluable tools that help uncover weaknesses and movement dysfunction. Insight gleaned from these reports gives trainers and fitness enthusiasts a thorough picture of the best training approach.

The new TRX MAPS streamlines the assessment process by digitally analyzing movement patterns in 30 seconds and providing immediate feedback with targeted exercise plans. This information is stored and can be used to measure progress and challenge members.

“I fully expect it will generate a lot of personal trainer revenue,” says Gretchen Ritter, director of fitness at the Bay Club in Los Angeles. The assessment machine was recently implemented there. “We’ve already been selling packages off of the machine, just based off of our interactions with members asking what the machine is, etc.”

Emphasize Community

People are social creatures and yearn to connect with others. Experts suggest that one of the reasons people drop off the fitness bandwagon is inadequate social support. The most successful gyms have found ways to foster support and improve retention by creating an environment that emphasizes community. Here are three ways to do just that:

  • Make sure that all trainers, instructors and coaches connect with as many members as possible—even those they don’t work with. The more staff that knows a member’s name the less likely that member will be to ghost your gym.
  • Encourage workouts that emphasize interactions. Partner drills, fun games and friendly competitions break the ice and give people reasons to communicate. Members become friends and the gym becomes a social hub instead of a chore.
  • Create an online community—like a Facebook group—to keep the conversations going outside gym walls. You can ask questions, post challenges and provide helpful tips that will increase member engagement and create deeper connections.


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