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How TRX Helps Maximize Your Fitness Potential


How TRX Helps Maximize Your Fitness Potential

In all the “new year, new you” buzz that consumes January, the most important message often gets lost in the noise: just do your best. The best thing about “your best” is it’s unit of measure that’s custom to you. It doesn’t matter how fast your partner runs or how much your neighbor lifts: ultimately, we’re all trying to get better each day. That’s one of the reasons why the TRX Suspension Trainer resonates with so many people: it’s a fully customizable fitness tool, and the exercises can be modified to suit any body, any where. Best of all, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of fitness: there’s a Suspension Trainer exercise for every muscle group.

To help you maximize your potential with the Suspension Trainer, we’re discussing six training areas that you should focus on in your weekly workouts.


Core Strength

You hear it so frequently because it’s true: the beauty of the TRX Suspension Trainer is that it’s an all core, all-the-time tool. And we’re not just referring to exercises for building six-pack abs. The American Council on Exercise explains that core muscles “move, support and stabilize your spine.” While the abdominals play a significant role in supporting your spine, they’re not the only players on the field. Whether you’re executing a TRX Crunch with your feet suspended in the foot cradles, or an upper body movement like a bicep curl, mastering the TRX form means learning to challenge your core.

Upper Body Strength

Most of us have endured one of those ill-fated trips to the weight rack, where we grab a set of dumbbells for bicep curls or tricep extensions before realizing our weights are too heavy. As anyone who has been in that situation can explain, it’s frustrating to immediately retreat to lighter weights.

Here’s where the TRX Suspension Trainer is a game changer. The Suspension Trainer lets you quickly reset your resistance—the weight load you’re working with—by taking a step forward or back. And, because it’s so easy to increase or decrease the load, there’s less of a mental obstacle to taking the next step toward improvement. 


Lower Body Strength

Looking to perfect your form in squats and skaters and lunges? The TRX Suspension Trainer offers stability that a standard lower body exercise lacks, which means you can work through a broader range of motion in your lower body. Take the TRX Single Leg Squat, for example. This move mimics the range of motion in a pistol squat, but makes the move more accessible by offsetting the balance challenge with the handles. 

Mobility and Flexibility

In a perfect world, everyone would commit time and mental space to mobility and flexibility exercises. In the real world, most people simply don’t have the time, patience, or equipment to create a routine with extra straps and blocks. Fortunately, you have everything you need with the TRX Suspension Trainer. From golf swings to step-out lunches to hinged extension, there are dozens of exercises to help you move better.



Endurance is where strength and conditioning come together. With the TRX Suspension Trainer and Functional Training Tools, you can create effective endurance workouts to improve your overall performance in both exercise and life.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. You have to find the tools and modalities that will keep you challenged and engaged. But, no matter what muscle group you’re targeting or performance goal you’re chasing, there’s a TRX tool that can help you be your best this year.

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