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How TRX Moms Find Work-Life Balance

TRX for Balance

How TRX Moms Find Work-Life Balance

Watching a working mother juggle a 9-to-5 job, family obligations, and some semblance of a personal life or hobbies is inspiring. While life during a pandemic presents plenty of challenges, the moms among us seem to be handling the changes better than the rest of the population. Who better to lean on for advice on how to find balance in these strange times? We asked two of the do-it-all moms from TRX headquarters for their insights on managing working-from-home with remote schooling and more.

Christine Chun, TRX Vice President of Digital Marketing, says that leaving work at “the office” and keeping family time sacred is key to maintaining a work-life balance right now. Even though her family spends the day in the same house, she sets aside time with her kids, such as meals, evening routines, and Sunday night game nights.

woman on tablet device with children on her lap on the couch

TRX Senior Director of Training Brynne Elliott agrees that blocking her time and sticking to a routine is important. That includes taking “walking calls” around her neighborhood during work hours and scheduling time for workouts. “Working from home [means there is a] possibility of working 24 hours a day. By effectively managing my schedule, blocking for personal and family time, I ensure that I end and start every day fresh,” Elliott said. 

Mastering a pandemic schedule is a game-changer, but it doesn’t make life perfect. There are still very real feelings of loss that come with months of missed vacations and gatherings, and it’s okay to admit that. “It's been tougher socially, given COVID,” Chun said. “Virtual happy hours were okay substitutes for real-life gatherings, but it's been not quite as gratifying lately.”

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Patience and kindness—particularly with yourself—are more necessary than ever as we adapt to the constantly changing circumstances. One thing that can help is giving yourself the time and space to do the things you love. For Elliott, that means setting aside time for exercise.

“Movement is my stress reliever. I have a TRX Suspension Trainer anchored in my office right beside my desk, enabling me to make time in small chunks throughout my day to move,” Elliott said.

TRX hanging up at home office with young boy sitting at desk

A glimpse into Brynne Elliott's home office and home gym set up, featuring one of her co-workers.
It may sound like an indulgence, but creating time to relax and decompress can actually improve your health. According to the Mayo Clinic, relaxing can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, increase blood flow to your muscles, improve your digestion, and reduce chronic pain.

woman in a squat using TRX at home

Take it from the TRX Moms: Whether you choose a TRX workout, meditation, reading, or catching up with a friend, giving your mind and body time to recover is one of the best things you can do for yourself during this pandemic.

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