TRX for Strength

How TRX Straps Simplify Strength Training

Professional athletes and celebrities, judicial powerhouses and everyday people all swear by the TRX Suspension Trainer, but the buzz around the straps is more than just hype. It’s easy to level up your workouts with TRX, which makes building strength with the Suspension Trainer simple and straightforward.


Strength training isn’t rocket science: If you lift increasingly heavy things, you will get stronger. But finding the safe, sustainable sweet spot can pose a challenge. Think about it like Goldilocks: you don’t want too heavy or too light, your load needs to be just right.

With the straps, it always can be.

TRX delivers a one-size-fits-all solution for strength training because the user determines the “resistance” by adjusting how close they are to the anchor point. For standing exercises, that means stepping forward or back, (the closer your feet are to the anchor, the heavier the load), or modifying their foot stance, (wider is easier; narrow or single-foot is harder). For exercises on the ground, closer to the anchor point is easier and further away is more difficult.


Thanks to the Suspension Trainer's foolproof progression method, you don’t have to worry about plateauing at a specific “weight” level. Consider a bootcamp-style strength workout. If your instructor tells you to grab a set of medium weights, you’ll probably pick up the same weights month after month, even if you’re physically ready to level up to something heavier. With Suspension Trainer workouts, you can edge forward or back to test new resistance levels, all with the same piece of equipment.

Practically anyone with a hinged door—or a tree or playset outside—can set up the Suspension Trainer for a strength workout, but just because you’re training at home doesn’t mean you have to fly solo. There are thousands of TRX-qualified trainers across the globe who offer in-person or virtual training, and TRX has free, on-demand workouts available online


Need help gauging your progress? Try adding a new AMRAP circuit (“as many reps/rounds as possible”) to your workouts each month, and tracking how many reps/rounds you complete over four consecutive weeks. Tend to keep your workouts in the same place? Place tape markers on the floor in your workout space to visually document your progress.

Finding the right strength program can feel intimidating—especially when you’re getting started—but long-term strength training increases bone density, decreases the risk of osteoporosis, helps manage many chronic conditions, and helps you burn more calories. To put it plainly, it’s important and everyone should be strength training. Everyone

There’s no shortcut to getting stronger; no tool can do the work for you. But the TRX Suspension Trainer can simplify strength training, and, yes, even make it fun

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