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Improve Your Lacrosse Shot with Paul Rabil and TRX

Posted on Thu, 05 Feb 2015 08:51:00 -08:00

Improve Your Lacrosse Shot with Paul Rabil and TRX


Producing a dynamic, explosive shot requires core strength, balance and rotational power. The “time and room” drill enables you to practice generating momentum through your entire body, from the ground up, to get the most out of your shot.

The drill starts with a double shuffle to help you generate speed that will transfer into your shot. When you finish your second shuffle, land in a deep athletic stance, with most of your weight on your back foot.

Start your shot by pivoting on your back foot. Brace your core and rotate your hips toward your target while shifting your your weight onto your front foot. Think of the end of your stick as the apex of your power generation.

To add even more power to your shot, try adding the Rip Steer to a Rip Shot with a lunge. These exercises are excellent for learning how to maintain stability through your core to generate power in your shot.

To start, stand sideways to the anchor point, In a lunge position with your inside leg back and your front leg bent at 90-degrees with a vertical shin.

Hold the Rip Trainer away from your body and parallel to the ground with a mixed grip. Brace your core and in one controlled movement rotate the Rip Trainer 90-degrees, so that it is vertical. Than rotate it back to the start position.

Next, let the Rip Trainer come down to your side and take a side-arm shot from this lunge position.

To get more from your from your lacrosse game with Paul Rabil and TRX, check out all of our lacrosse-specific workouts and gear here.  

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