Inside Man: An Interview with Randy Hetrick on

Posted on Tue, 25 Nov 2014 02:32:00 -08:00
Inside Man: An Interview with Randy Hetrick on

Men’s Fitness recently spent some time with TRX inventor and CEO Randy Hetrick, the result was this in-depth interview on

“Guys in the military used to call the hand-sewn straps ‘the gizmo.’ It did look a little wacky, hanging from a door frame. That’s until they snagged the Jerry-rigged handles and learned how to crush a workout, usually in remote, dangerous locales far away from dumbbell racks.”

“Almost two decades later, celebrities and professional athletes use TRX. Weekend warriors use TRX. Your trainer probably uses TRX. Your CrossFit-snob buddy definitely uses TRX. The pair of hand-sewn straps that got Navy SEALs ripped in the middle of the desert in the 90s has turned into a fitness empire. Behind it all is SEAL veteran, entrepreneur, and workout buff Randy Hetrick. We spoke with Hetrick on how he came up with the idea, and where TRX is headed next now that it’s taken over your gym and your home.”

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