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Is It Time to Trade Your Gym Membership for a Home Gym?

Posted on Jan 17, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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Is It Time to Trade Your Gym Membership for a Home Gym?

A gym membership, in theory, is a good choice. Exercise is part of healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles are desirable. Therefore, a gym membership is desirable, right? Except a gym membership isn’t the only way to make exercise a part of your daily routine. For some people, a home gym or a workout app is a better fit than paying a monthly membership fee. The question is whether ditching the gym is the right decision for you.


Financial Factors

The average gym membership in the United States costs slightly less than $60 per month. For more exclusive fitness clubs, those fees can soar as high as $200-$300 per month. The problem with those fees, however, is most gym members don’t actually use their membership.

If you’re on the fence about your fitness routine, paying hefty fees isn’t the secret to motivation. According to Healthline, people who like to exercise regularly can benefit from a gym membership, but the strategy doesn’t work for wannabe fitness enthusiasts.

The solution? Before investing in a gym membership, try a trial week or even a personal training app at home. By testing multiple solutions, you can find which fitness routine works best for you. Often, the best solution is creating your own studio at home.



Time Limitations

While there are a few gyms that are open 24-7, most keep more traditional business hours, opening around 5 am and closing between and 9 and 11 pm. For many people, whether due to work or family obligations, those schedules don’t work.

When time limitations are keeping you away from your fitness goals, it’s time to consider a home gym. To start, make a list of your needs and determine how much space you can dedicate to fitness equipment. (Fact: you can fit a home gym in a small space.) If a home gym would give you more time for tasks you can’t skip, it’s time to ditch the monthly membership.


Travel Obligations

Frequent travelers frequently struggle to maintain a workout routine. Hotel gym are inconsistent, and locating gyms beyond your hotel in each city is time-consuming. If you’re a jetsetter who thrives in a traditional gym environment, look for a chain that has a national presence and allows you to visit any location nationwide. Don’t assume that the basic membership at a gym will give you visiting access to locations away from home.

An even easier solution? The TRX Home2 System, which comes with both the latest TRX Suspension Trainer and a year of coaching via the TRX App. Because the TRX Suspension Trainer is easy to set up on the go and packs into your suitcase or carry-on, you can take your workouts with you anywhere in the world.


No matter how good your intentions may be, a gym tag on your keychain won’t guarantee you a healthy lifestyle. If money, time, or travel obstacles are coming between you and your fitness goals, it may be time to ditch your gym membership for a home gym.


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