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It’s Here! Introducing Replay for TRX Live Classes

TRX Training Club

It’s Here! Introducing Replay for TRX Live Classes


Who says you can’t relive the past? TRX Training Club® is bringing your time-traveling dreams to life with our newest feature, Replay. Miss a TRX Live class with your favorite trainer? Want an extra shot at that final challenge from earlier in the week? Now, you can replay, repeat, or relive every moment from select TRX Live sessions.

Let’s dive into all the details of our new TRX Training Club Replay feature, including how to access the full Replay library.

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Did I miss something? What’s TRX Training Club?

Welcome to the Club! You’re in for a treat. TRX Training Club is our exclusive streaming workout service. We have Live classes—so you can sweat in real time with your favorite instructor—and an On-Demand library with more than 500 pre-recorded workouts you can stream anytime.

All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer and an Internet connection to get started. If you like a big screen experience, you can even cast your workouts to your TV.

Your first week is free, so there’s no risk in trying it out. After that, membership options start as low as $4.99 per month for access to On-Demand library, and top out at $19.99 per month for the full TRX Training Club experience: Live, On-Demand, and now Replay.

HIIT Replay

Replay, part of the full TRX Training Club experience, can be accessed through both the Live class schedule, and a special Replay tab. Here’s how you can find a Replay class.

TRX Training Club Home Screen

First, log in to your TRX Training Club account. Once you’re in, you’ll see this home screen. Click on the “Classes” tab in the middle of the top navigation menu.

From “Classes”, there are two paths you can take to find Replay sessions. If there’s a re-broadcast of a Replay class on the main TRX Training Club schedule, the sign-up for that class will have a green “Book Now” button on the schedule, and the word “Replay” will appear to the left of the booking button.

TRX Training Club Replay from main schedule

You can also access all available Replay classes by clicking the “Replay” button immediately under the “Classes” tab. 

TRX Training Club Replay Button from Classes Tab

Once you access the Replay library, you’ll see this screen, where you can choose a class to stream.

TRX Training Club Replay Menu

What’s the difference between Replay and On-Demand?

Great question! While there are similarities—both Replay and On-Demand videos are available anytime—access to Replay is limited to our full access subscribers. 

Because Replay classes are recorded live, you’ll also notice the trainers cheering on individual participants, which gives the session a more immersive tone. (You might hear things like, “Great job, Stephanie! Ten more seconds, Luke.”) On-Demand classes, on the other hand, are more like a coaching session between the trainer and you.

TRXTrainingClub Replay Music Control

One feature you’ll notice in both is the music control. During our TRX Training Club Live classes, the instructor gets to play DJ; during Replay and On-Demand classes, you control the music for your workout. That means choosing the genre from our curated Top 40, EDM, Throwback, and Recovery playlists, skipping tracks, and controlling the volume.

Prefer to sweat in near-silence? No problem. Leave the music off.

More options to keep you moving

We created TRX Training Club to bring affordable, world-class fitness directly to you. Now, with the addition of Replay to the TRX Live lineup, you have even more options to keep you moving on your schedule. If you're a regular at TRX Training Club, consider this just one more perk. If you’re still waiting to sign up, now’s the time to start your free, 7-day trial.

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