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Join The Core: Alexis Craig

Posted on Mon, 08 Jul 2013 03:11:00 -07:00

Join The Core: Alexis Craig

For TRX Senior Course Instructor and former MMA fighter Alexis Craig, being a member of TRX CORE has helped her grow her business, get clients and get noticed. She even gets stopped by people in the airport when she’s wearing her TRX CORE T-shirt. “People are excited about TRX,” said Craig, whose T-shirt represents just one of the many ways that she markets herself with the help of TRX CORE.

TRX CORE membership benefits, like premier placement in the TRX Directory and access to TRX branding, have helped Craig differentiate herself from the crowd and become a better trainer. Having made the switch from MMA to the healing side of training, she says that TRX CORE now provides her with the business tools and knowledge that make it easier for her to sell training to potential clients. “My clients can just tell that I come from a place of expertise and authenticity when it comes to TRX,” she said.

With TRX CORE, Craig quickly established herself as the definitive TRX-pert in the gym and has become one of the most popular trainers at the official TRX Training Center in San Francisco. “Being a member of TRX CORE has helped me be seen and grow my business,” Craig says. “If you want to be ‘the’ TRX trainer instead of ‘a’ TRX trainer, then Join The CORE.” 

Learn more about TRX CORE here.
Not a TRX qualified trainer? Take your first step to joining TRX CORE when you sign up for a TRX Education Course near you.

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