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Keep That Summit Fever Burning Hot!

Posted on May 30, 2018 3:00 PM
TRX Training Summit

Keep That Summit Fever Burning Hot!

It’s hard to believe that nearly a month has gone by since we all congregated at the Austin Convention Center to gather innovative training tools and techniques, hang with new and old friends and become more effective coaches. And like any big, energy-filled event, the inevitable post-Summit blues followed as we all went our separate ways and back to the “grind.”

Even though it’s impossible to recreate the experience we all shared, there are ways to keep that Summit inspiration—and your passion for better—kicked into high gear.

Here’s how.

Attend a TRX Course

There were several cornerstones built into the Summit framework and one of the most important is education. From the very beginning, TRX has aimed to provide research-based, effective instruction that teaches pros how to use any tool to help any body get stronger. There is no better place to get a bit of that Summit experience and expand your know-how than at one of our TRX Academy courses. From movement foundations on the straps to multi-modality exercises to master-level group coaching techniques, there’s a course for every level pro.

Create a Networking Group With Colleagues

There really is nothing like an immersive experience surrounded by your peers to give your passion a serious boost. But after the networking, storytelling and camaraderie comes to a close and you’re back to real life, it can often feel like you’re on an island.

One way to get that Summit feeling back is to create a networking platform like a closed Facebook group that you can invite your frame buddies, FACEUP Games teammates or other coaches to join. You can share success stories, ask questions and build a support system that you can use to keep your inspiration running on all cylinders.

Start a Movement Contest

If you follow or are Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat friends with any of our Master Trainers, you might’ve seen many of them offer some sort of movement challenge involving the TRX. These creative pros will post a video of a challenging or unique exercise on their social media site of choice and encourage others to give it a try.

Why not follow in their footsteps?

It’s a fun way to blow off steam, show off your superior movement skills and continue to connect with your fellow Summit attendees.

Reread Your Manual; Recheck Your Notes

There was so much information flying around at the Summit that unless you have a photographic memory, it’s likely you took plenty of notes to capture it all. Now that you’ve had some time and space to decompress from the weekend, it could be a good idea to go back through your manual and the notes you took with fresh eyes.

Maybe there was something important that you wrote down that you completely forgot about. Or, perhaps a particular insight has taken a new shape after you put it into practice with your clients. Regardless, thumbing through your notes can give you a taste of what it was like to be at the Summit and remind you of all the exciting memories you gained there.

Give Your Frame Captains a Shout

An incredible thing happens at the Summit. You might not have anticipated it going in, but when you stepped through those convention center doors, you became part of a massive family of devoted and welcoming fit pros. And those black-and-yellow Frame Captains are like the big brothers and sisters who have been there and done it and can act as guides to becoming an even better coach than you already are.

If you haven’t already done so, hit them up on Facebook or Instagram. Find a way to connect with them because they have valuable insight into how to maximize what you learned at the Summit. They can also offer feedback and support when you have questions that your manuals and our blog posts might not answer. Plus—and you may have noticed this—they are super-human motivators who can keep you psyched on your journey to greatness.

The TRX Summit is gone, but definitely not forgotten. Take some time to reflect on the things you learned, the relationships you created and the renewed vigor you developed there so you can stay fired up until we see you again next year!

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