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Lacrosse Defense Tips with Paul Rabil and TRX

Posted on Thu, 12 Feb 2015 10:33:00 -08:00

Lacrosse Defense Tips with Paul Rabil and TRX


In lacrosse, you need to hone your defense just as much as your offense, and here to help you do it is lacrosse star and New York Lizard midfielder Paul Rabil. In this video you’ll see two different drills, one with just a lacrosse stick and one with the Rip Trainer. Designed to complement each other, these drills are intended to be practiced back to back:

The Cornerback Drill-

When performing this drill, imagine you’re a cornerback defending against a wide receiver. This drill is designed to help you make space between the wide receiver and the goal, pushing them closer to the sideline, putting them in a bad position to take a shot.

Start with one leg back in an athletic stance with your hips pointed upfield. Take three steps back starting with your front leg. Each step should be deliberate and powerful so that when you land your third step you have a bit of momentum.

On your third step, rotate towards your back foot. Plant your rear foot soundly, rotate your hips, brace your core and cross check. Keep your momentum going as you turn all the way around and continue moving downfield.

Rip Shuffle to Slapcheck, Pokecheck and Crosscheck-

Like the Cornerback drill, these Rip Training moves simulate what you would do if you were trying to put distance between a wide receiver and the goal. These moves will improve your ability to generate power when you are checking.

Start in an athletic position with your hips back, your knees bent and your chest up, sideways to the anchor point. Shuffle away from the anchor point twice, establish a wide, athletic stance and perform a slapcheck immediately followed by a pokecheck, then shuffle back twice.

For the crosscheck, stand away from the anchor point and shuffle twice to the left and right, and at the end of your shuffle perform a crosscheck with the Rip Trainer.

To get more from your from your lacrosse game with Paul Rabil and TRX, check out all of our lacrosse-specific workouts and gear here. 

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