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Lacrosse Mobility Drills With Paul Rabil and TRX

Posted on Fri, 20 Feb 2015 02:59:00 -08:00

Lacrosse Mobility Drills With Paul Rabil and TRX


Dominating on the lacrosse field requires more than just being able to shoot and defend. You need to make sure your body can perform, day-in, day-out, in games and in practice. Imagine if your body were an 89’ Honda Civic, you wouldn’t throw a Corvette engine under the hood and take off down the highway. You’d probably rip the wheels right of the chassi if you did, right?

More important than your engine, is how all of the components work together. If you want to kill it on the field without throwing a rod, you need to work on some lacrosse-specific mobility.

Shuffle Split Drill:
This drill will help you to stay in control of your momentum when you need change directions quickly on the field. Plus, you’ll learn a super useful technique for changing your hand position without fumbling your stick.

Set up two cones about five yards apart. Stand directly in between them in a deep athletic stance. It should take you about two shuffles to get to either cone from the center.

Shuffle twice to either side, with your stick end facing the direction you are traveling. When you reach the cone, drive hard off of your outside foot, performing a juking motion with your whole body, to change directions. As you change directions, switch your hand positions by letting go with your top hand and allowing your bottom hand to slide up to replace it at the top. Repeat the drill on the other side.

Go back and forth ten times, so you hit each side five times.

Rip Triangle Drill:

This drill will improve your ability to change directions rapidly and take a shot on the field.

Similar to the Time-and-Room drill you are going to shuffle away from the anchor point twice, pivot off of your back foot and take a shot with the Rip Trainer. This time however when you shuffle back, tap the end of the Rip Trainer against the anchor and switch hands, then shuffle and take a shot on the other side.

This will help you to develop equal power no matter what side you are shooting with.

Remember to pivot off of your back foot when you shoot, rotating your hips toward your goal and bracing your core.

For more from Paul Rabil on Rip Training for lacrosse go here.

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