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Let's Get Movin'

Posted on Jun 4, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Let's Get Movin'

Let’s Get Movin’, created by Kim Weiss, an Autism Fitness Specialist, is a program for special needs children made up mostly of those on the Autism Spectrum (ASD).

During the creation of the program, Kim found that TRX was one of the better tools for this program as it helps support posture, foundational movement, builds self-efficacy and makes movement fun for these amazing kids. 

The first step of the Let’s Get Movin’ program is to put the child (ages 3-18) through a movement screen and physical assessment to determine the level and specific program needs for the individual. This may consist of something as simple as identifying body parts up to jumping with or without a rope. The assessment identifies skill levels for running, coordinated movements (jumping jacks, symmetrical and asymmetrical jumps), balance beam, ball skills and hopping in order to create their program.

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“It’s incredibly rewarding to see the smiles I receive when a teenage boy can lift his own weight from a squat to a row.” Says Kim. “And to congratulate a 6-year-old who has learned to do jumping jacks whose fear of falling has been diminished by being able to hold the handles on the TRX straps, or to watch a 9-year-old boy, who began with barely any body coordination row and keep his posture in form without being distracted.”

Kim trains a teenage girl with Down Syndrome who is able to manage all the floor work without feeling any joint pain to strengthen her core. The support TRX provides allows these children who may not be able to participate with friends feel a sense of self-accomplishment.

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TRX has provided a tool that encourages these individuals to use their muscles and focus on building their strength. This is particularly important for those with special needs; as most often not only is their posture not in alignment, their ability to control hand movement and coordination symmetrically in itself is most challenging. The TRX Suspension Trainer has become a critical training tool in the Let’s Get Movin’ program.


About Kim Weiss:

Kim Weiss is an Autism Fitness Specialist who works for Active Wellness, a management company specializing in fitness and wellness services, in New York, New York Fitness Center. 

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