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A Lesson From the Legendary Coach John Wooden

Posted On May 24, 2018 5:00 PM
TRX Education

Mastering your Craft: A Lesson From the Legendary Coach John Wooden

As a professional in this industry, and a graduate of the TRX STC Course, you have already given yourself and your clients an advantage. This industry can easily get you overwhelmed with the latest trends in  product, studio models, technology etc leaving one confused, frustrated, or seeking direction. Adding to this, there’s the competition... for your job, the next promotion, clients, groups, and opportunities. So how do you stay ahead of the competition while maintaining a sense of integrity in your craft as a teacher, mentor, and a coach? Well, to be perfectly candid, it can be complicated but it is, in fact, doable.

No matter how good a coaching course is on paper, if you can’t apply and translate the principles you’ve learned back to your clients, it’s more or less worthless. In the words of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “You haven’t taught until they’ve learned.”

As a former high school teacher, Wooden understood that the primary pillar of coaching is education. And just like the grammar that Wooden taught before making a name for himself on the hardwoods, coaching the principles of movement demand a set of competencies that begin at the molecular and elemental level. The next steps are practice, progress and finally, mastery. Wooden couldn’t teach high school English students about structuring paragraphs unless they knew their alphabet, nor could he get a player to perform his role in a set play until he could catch or throw a pass. Similarly, we must come to think of movement as a behavior that must be learned through repetition, and must be built on solid fundamentals. It’s not enough to just comprehend the standards for each of the Foundational Movements that form the core of TRX Suspension Training. Each coach attending a course must build on their fundamental understanding of these baseline criteria and be able to apply them to the ever-changing conditions of real-world environments.

There is no TRX test that can be passed through simple memorization and recall. The principles of this TRX Suspension Training Course or others must be mastered to the extent that they can be applied, and then passed on to each and every client - regardless of their background, physical abilities and skill level. It is only by educating clients to move well, sustainably and self-sufficiently, that coaches can fulfill their true obligation. Rather than hurting your business, such empowerment will actually help it by building trust in your expertise and the same kind of long-standing loyalty that Coach Wooden developed in his players.


To compliment the advice of Coach Wooden, the principles taught in the TRX Suspension Training Course take you much beyond the mere act of working out with the TRX Suspension Trainer. Obviously this course has given you the ability to be successful at incorporating this versatile piece of equipment into your workouts, but it also has laid the foundation for each and every exercise you use with your clients. And how does it do this? It insures that first, you are able to to identify the foundational movement at play, and then next, understand how to coach that standard of that movement.

The TRX Suspension Training Course should just be the start of your journey to mastering movement-based training. Only with practice, time, and a lot more practice will these principles become ingrained and automated in you and your clients’ minds and movement patterns. The ultimate goal is to have your clients thinking of you the next time they are skiing down that hill, rotating and picking up their child, or competing in that next marathon. The idea that you’re the one that’s teaching them how to move correctly, efficiently and in such a way as to prevent injuries is powerful stuff. It’s nothing short of life changing, really.

If you’ve found that movement-based coaching has been effective for you and your clients, we encourage you to keep going and take the next step on the journey with the TRX Functional Training Course.


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