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Matt Dixon Run Drill #1: Arm Swings

Posted on Wed, 07 Jul 2010 04:08:00 -07:00

Matt Dixon Run Drill #1: Arm Swings


This is the first in a series of seven running drills produced exclusively for the TRX Community by elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon.

The first drill in the series (below) serves as the foundation for good technique and focuses on correct body position and arm swing during running. Your center of gravity should be forward, your weight on the balls of your feet and your elbows bent ("carrying a walnut between your forearm and biceps" as Matt says). Your arms should swing easily with no tension.

Matt likes to teach this drill by having athletes imagine they are standing on top of a tall building with their toes at the edge, leaning forward but not falling over the precipice. Simple as it may seem, many people have a tendency to be too upright when running, so be sure to practice this technique before moving on to the next drill in the series, Lunges.

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