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Meet the PATHH Grad: Kathryn Buckland

Meet the PATHH Grad: Kathryn Buckland

Kathryn Buckland

Meet Kathryn Buckland

Because TRX was founded in the Navy SEALS, empowering veterans to live full, healthy lives has been a mission near and dear to our hearts since the very beginning. We partner closely with Boulder Crest Foundation, a pioneering nonprofit organization focused on supporting combat veterans and their families, by providing TRX Suspension Trainers™ as a powerful tool in rehabilitating people who’ve participated in their program. Army wife Kathryn Buckland is one of those people. 

In 2016, Kathryn Buckland graduated from the Boulder Crest Foundation Warrior PATHH Program—a transformative program that teaches veterans and their families to turn their struggles into strengths with game-changing strategies that include physical fitness. We talked to her about what she learned and how she’ll use it to move forward to new beginnings.


How would you describe the Warrior PATHH program? 

"A lot of the program is centered around the concept of flipping the script from PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), with “D “as the “disorder” to “PTG”—Posttraumatic Growth. So that's very empowering coming from whatever trauma you may have experienced. We arrive in all different states, but they take you where you're at and build you back up. It's quite the journey and experience".

Kathryn and colleague

How did you grow from your Warrior PATHH journey? 

"It gave me that permission to struggle well, as they say. Everyone has different forms of trauma—whether it was from before the military and you came in with it, or it was something that occurred and was reinforced while you were in service. [The program] gave me permission to break the cycle and find healthy ways to cope. I feel like the walls have been breaking down". 

Kathryn, husband, and son

The program talks about transforming “struggle into strength.” What does strength mean to you?  

"Warrior PATHH does a good job of taking your experience, whatever it may be and using it as a jumping-off point as a source of strength. To me, strength is the ability to handle whatever you're faced with in a healthy way—whether that's going out for our workout, journaling, meditating. And TRX, too, gave me confidence and motivation. I got pregnant right after I graduated from the PATHH program, and I don't think I would have been as good a mom had I not learned healthy coping strategies to be the best mom that I can be". 

Kathryn in cross lunge

Warrior PATHH involves physical fitness with TRX. How would you say movement helped you move forward?

"Just having movement every day—that’s something I want to pass down to my kids. Having a daily routine of getting up, setting fitness goals, doing group exercises, or having the self-discipline to do it yourself—it's that constant...that knowing that I'll always have something to fall back on to get a good workout in. Not just for the physical fitness and health aspect, but for the mental health aspect". 

Kathryn Buckland

What’s something powerful about Warrior PATHH you’d like people to know? 

"The veteran population, I think, has gotten a reputation for being damaged and broken, when really it's a strong group of men and women that served or continue to serve this country. It’s important for everyone to know it’s okay to struggle and it's okay to get help—you don't have to downplay your trauma or your service just because you're not someone who fits like the cover of a book".

Kathryn is one of many veterans who pass through (and grow from) the Boulder Crest Foundation’s Warrior PATHH Program. See how TRX® empowers veterans in this program with fitness—it’s proof that progress happens before their eyes, and the power is literally in their hands.

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