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Men’s Fitness: New Study Backs TRX

Posted on Thu, 04 Dec 2014 03:34:00 -08:00

Men’s Fitness: New Study Backs TRX

Men’s Fitness: New Study Backs TRX

We’ve always know that Suspension Training provides an effective and efficient way to develop strength, build muscle and increase athletic performance, now we have some new, high-quality, third-party validation to prove it. A recent study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine backs up these ideas with science, showing that TRX training provides the same benefits as conventional weight training. Men’s Fitness magazine often features TRX Suspension Training workouts for their print and online readers and a recent article highlights the outcomes of the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine study.

The study shows that the unique nature of TRX Suspension Training can help users develop power, build strength, increase movement capacity and even jump higher. According to the study, the instability inherent in Suspension Training helps trainees build strength on par with weight training.

If you use TRX Suspension Training to get lean, build strength, develop power, increase mobility and flexibility or to train for your sport or job, you know that it works. When you follow TRX Training programs, you get the results that you want. Strong First Chairman Pavel Tsatsouline, the man largely responsible for bringing once secret kettlebell training methods out of the former Soviet Union and popularizing them in the United States and around the world often says that training with kettlebells has a ‘What the hell?’ effect--kettlebells make you strong in ways that can be difficult to articulate to someone who doesn’t use them.

TRX users experience that ‘What the hell?’ effect, too. TRX training does more than just make you strong, mobile, flexible, powerful and lean. Suspension Training, like kettlebell training, develops your movement quality and body in a way that’s different from other forms of training.

Millions of people around the world who use the TRX have experienced this quality firsthand. So have the the pro athletes in the NFL, NBA, UFC, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Premier League, Major League Lacrosse and almost every other pro sports league who rely on TRX training as part of their strength and conditioning programs. TRX was born in the Navy SEALs and today tactical athletes in every branch of the military have experienced how TRX can help them stay mission fit, mission ready.

While that ‘What the hell?’ effect will alway be part of the benefits of TRX Suspension Training, the study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine also confirms what anyone who has tried the straps already knows: it works, and it can get you strong just like lifting weights.

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