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Military Starved of New Recruits Due to Obesity

Posted on Thu, 17 Jun 2010 01:00:00 -07:00

Military Starved of New Recruits Due to Obesity

Military Starved of New Recruits Due to Obesity

The results from a new Pentagon study are frightening—27.1% of recruits aged 17 to 24 who apply to join the Army are disqualified from service up front because they’re overweight. By comparison, an earlier study found that obesity disqualified just 22.8% of recruits in 1993.

More young people are getting fatter and less of them qualify to serve in branches of service at a time when America needs fit recruits more than ever before. “I talk to a lot of military installations, and a lot of recruits can’t pass the basic entrance PT test,” says Dr. Joe “Doc Joe” Martin, D.C., FAI’s Head of Military Education. “And of the recruits who pass the initial test and make it to boot camp, many can’t even do the required sit-ups, pull-ups or push-ups so they get rolled back.”

Both potential recruits and current service members can benefit from regular TRX use to get into and stay in shape. “The TRX is a tool that can be used prior to entering the service in order to meet the basic fitness and body composition standards. And once admitted, it can help recruits to maintain and improve fitness,” says Doc Joe.

The compact, easily transportable nature of the TRX and the ability to anchor the TRX in any environment makes it an ideal training tool for service members in remote operational environments.

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Andrew Vontz is a journalist and trainer who writes for Fitness Anywhere. He programs functional training for endurance sports and life.

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