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TRX Master Instructor and owner of McCloud Fitness, Renae McCloud, is here this week to share three of her favorite at-home exercises that she uses with her Senior clients. These simple but effective exercises will improve your core strength and stability, balance, and posture so that you can enjoy your favorite activities with confidence.  

If you are doing the workout out from home, these exercises are easily accessible using the door anchor

For ease in movement and transitions, all three exercises can be done at Mid Length.

TRX Standing Forearm Plank

A great exercise to develop core strength and stability and improve posture.

Start with your forearms in the foot cradles, arms at a 90-degree angle, and step your feet into an offset foot stance as you walk back toward the anchor point to find your working resistance. Slide your shoulders down and back, maintaining a strong, active plank, and full body in alignment. Slowly work up to a 30-sec hold, earning your progression to a wide stance.

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TRX Single Leg Hip Hinge into a Step

This exercise will improve balance, core stability, unilateral leg strength, develop ‘first step’ confidence, and reduce the risk of falling. 

Starting with your arms extended at chest level and standing on your right leg, press down into the handles, hinge forward lifting the left leg behind you. Return to standing. Next, step forward and shift your weight onto the left leg. Return to standing. When you find your flow, start to add in the balance challenge bringing your knee to chest. Work up to 10 reps on each leg.

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TRX Single Arm Low Row

The row is the perfect exercise to improve posture. The single-arm variation also works on arm strength and core stability.

You are holding the TRX with your right hand using the left side as a ghost arm (it will mimic the working arm). Create an offset foot stance (right leg back) and walk toward the anchor point finding your desired working resistance. Maintain a strong, active plank, avoiding rotation as you move through the row. Work up to 10 reps on each arm. Earn your progression to a wide stance. 



Thank you for tuning in for another week of Moves of the Week! For more moves like this check out our workouts on TRX Live + On Demand!


Renae McCloud grew up a competitive athlete (and still today she shows no signs of slowing down), is currently the owner of McCloud Fitness on Bainbridge Island, and is a national fitness educator and Master Instructor for TRX Training. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and continues to bring a high level of energy, knowledge, and motivation to her courses. Renae believes that age is no barrier, and using the TRX is a great way to stay young, healthy, and fit! Stay connected and follow her @renaeciottimccloud.




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