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Move Better

Posted on Thu, 14 Aug 2014 10:00:00 -07:00

Move Better

Move Better

One thing which differentiates a great coach from a good coach is an understanding of “advanced basics.” Advanced basics is a term I use to consider what we are already practicing and see if we can do it better. Better, for the most part, means achieving desired results with the right amount of effort, coaching or teaching. For me, this usually starts with an over complicated approach based in experience and science. After a while it distills down to foundational and effective concepts.

When we say “TRX Training is designed to teach you to move better” we are really calling out two fundamental ideas, often over looked in our industry:

  1. Movement is a component of fitness just like cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength & endurance, body composition and flexibility.  In fact, movement is a necessary prerequisite for all other components of fitness and performance.
  2. We bring the platitude “train movements – not muscles,” to life and into practice by coaches and athletes/clients. TRX Training often centers on practicing “what should be mobile – what should be stable.”

On one hand, physical movement is the most natural and basic quality we all have in common and do from birth. On the other hand, it is a learned behavior with biophysical, psychological and social roots. Gaining an appreciation of movement and honing our skills to coach others to “move better” is a powerful component of TRX Training. Master the basics and the rest is easier. Once you move better you can move stronger, faster and with more resilience. 

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