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My Personal Gold Kaisa

Posted on Sun, 14 Aug 2016 02:50:00 -07:00

My Personal Gold Kaisa

My Personal Gold Kaisa

While I was growing up, I played almost any sport I could get my hands on.  From gymnastics to soccer to track & field, my love of movement and competition always played a huge part in my life.  Through athletics, I was able to develop a love and respect for my body that has been the foundation for all that I have achieved thus far, and all that I hope to continue to do.

A question I get asked frequently is how I stay motivated to move, and the answer is simple: “because I love my body and I value all that it does for me. Keeping it healthy and moving daily is the least I can do for it!”

Another important key I found to stay motivated is to get in touch with how it FEELS to move and keep your body healthy. Checking in with myself after every workout and acknowledging how great my body feels after going through some movement has been far more motivating for me than anything. Another way I stay motivated is to keep my goals performance related rather than aesthetically related. I have found that working out to look a certain way is a setupset up for failure so I learned to let that go a long time ago and I am a much happier human being because of it. was .

My performance goals often mean challenging myself to achieve a movement that I haven’t been able to do yet or didn’t think was possible. For example, I really want to be able to do the splits so I’ve been far more motivated to work on my mobility lately. As minimal as it sounds, it’s a reason I get up and move daily. I think that a reason in and of itself is extremely important for us all to find, whatever it may be.

I love the idea of everyone striving for a “personal gold.”  For me, #mypersonalgold is to get the world moving more!  I have found so much personal growth and happiness through movement, and I hope to share that with the world.  An important aspect of getting the world to move more is making movement far more easy and accessible, and not to mention FUN!  This is a huge reason why I love the TRX: it’s the most versatile piece of training equipment, and a must-have in my gym bag at all times.  

My training tips and tricks: use the TRX Foundational Movements to develop a well-rounded workout.  My favorite two Foundational Movements are the “Push” and the “Squat.”  For the “Push,” I love the TRX Suspended Push-Up, while the “TRX Power Squat” is my favorite squatting move.  Check out the videos and photos below to learn more.


TRX Push-Up

Adjust your TRX Suspension Trainer ™ to mid calf. On hands and knees, engage core, lift body into a hand plank position.  Lower body down, maintain plank, bend elbows to 90 degrees.  Drive through palms while squeezing chest, and maintain plank position.

TRX Squat

Adjust your TRX Suspension Trainer ™ to mid length. Stack elbows under shoulders, feet hip width apart. Lower hips down and back, weight in heels. Drive through heels, squeeze glutes, lift chest. To add more power to your squat, incorporate a jump.

About Kaisa - Kaisa Keranen is a personal trainer, fitness educator, and social media influencer known for her fun and innovative ways to get people moving. She graduated from the University of Washington, where she was a member of the Track & Field team and went on to achieve her Masters Degree in Science, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention.

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