My Personal Gold - Rick
Posted on Aug 22, 2016 7:40:00 AM
I’m outgoing and enjoy being around friends, especially like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Working out is part of my lifestyle. I’m in the fire industry, designing fire prevention systems, but my passion is fitness. That’s why I love TRX. It’s high energy, the people are great and it’s an awesome workout. 
Sports have always been a big part of my life. My siblings and I played football, basketball, baseball – we were always running to a game. I’ve kept that up as an adult, and an active, healthy lifestyle Is important to me.
Before I found TRX, I went to the gym to take spin classes and lift weights. I would spend a few hours at the gym working out every day. One day a trainer friend asked me to go check out TRX with her—and I did. I loved it! The energy was great, the work out was hard and the people were friendly. Seven years later (this November), I still take two classes a day -- and still love it. 
My first class was hard, I was terrible, but I continued to go and better myself. Seven years later, there are still workouts that are challenging for me. That’s why I love TRX because every class is a challenge. I make all TRX workouts my own. It’s low impact, keeps my body in check, and really works every muscle. I’m 62 years old and need a workout that’s low impact and keeps my body in shape. It’s #MyPersonalGold to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active for many years to come! 
Every morning I wake up, have my coffee, work out, go to work, and then head back to TRX after work. On days off, I go to yoga, then take a couple TRX classes, head out on a bike ride and maybe unwind with another TRX class. Working out keeps me sane, it’s my stress reliever and therapy—and it’s a lot cheaper than going to therapy! 
Favorite TRX Exercises
My favorite TRX exercises are movements that involve my legs. I really enjoy doing one-legged squats. It helps me focus on balance and I can take that one move to expand to another exercise. It also helps me make sure I’m doing the move correctly. I try to do everything slow and correctly to get the move right. 
Since my upper body is not as strong as my legs, I dread the TRX Atomic Push-up. At the same time, I know it’s strengthening my upper body, so I push through it.
In my mind, TRX is a great workout, the people are friendly and you can make the exercises as challenging as you want them to be. It’s an excellent form of fitness for any one, at any age. 

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