My Personal Gold - Tessa Vike
Posted on Aug 24, 2016 1:15:00 AM
I’m not what you might call a natural-born athlete. I didn’t play team sports growing up and had a short track and field career in high school. I was tall and skinny, but packed some power, and my coach discovered that I was good at the shot put and discus.  Unfortunately after my first year, I sprained my ankle and retired from sports for a while.
It wasn’t until after college that I started running. I gained some weight and decided to do something about it. Running was the easiest solution because I could do it anywhere and anytime. The runner’s high everyone talks about came fast and I never looked back.
One of my favorite things about running is that it gives me the opportunity to travel, while still working towards my goals. I purposely seek out half marathons in vacation destinations so that I can explore a new city or location. Knowing that I have a fun trip coming up keeps me on top of my training. 
Like running, my love for TRX was instant. When I moved to San Francisco and first discovered TRX, its portability got my attention. It fit perfectly in my travel carry-on, and in my on-the-go lifestyle. Since incorporating TRX into my workout routine, my body has been happy, healthy and race ready. 
Work is extremely busy and requires  me to travel often, so exercise is my time to decompress. Some people start their day with their morning coffee...  I start mine with either a quick run or a TRX workout. Getting my sweat on first thing allows me to go about my day feeling good and stress-free, not needing to worry about when I’ll find the time to exercise. 
When I’m not on the road, I work from home, which allows my gym clothes to double as work attire. On breaks, I’ll often race to the TRX Training Center to take a class, and if I’m on a time crunch, I squeeze in quick sessions on TRX straps at home. Because I can use TRX at home, all excuses I have for skipping my workouts become pretty irrelevant.
When I travel, I always bring my TRX with me. Call me crazy, but I’ve given it a name: Trixie. holding me accountable and reminding me to stay on top of my workouts - she’s the best travel companion I’ve ever had! 
One of the first things I do when I arrive at my destination is go out for a run and scout out a good TRX anchor point, like a tree or fence at a park. If I find one, that’s where I’ll workout for the rest of the trip, but if I can’t find a good place outdoors, I use my hotel room door. Trixie (aka TRX) is so adaptable that I never miss a workout, even if I’m short on time in between meetings.
Now at age 29, I’m noticing my body is starting to change and I feel that running is taking a toll on it. I’m listening to my body, but know I need to stay active, so I’ve set a new goal for myself: a powerlifting competition this October. It’s my motivation and #MyPersonalGold is to finish the competition without injuring myself. 
And while I may not be running lately, TRX has remained the perfect training partner for my competition. For instance, I’ll perform a set of heavy squats and then follow it up with a set of jump squats on the TRX straps. I love how versatile it is and how it can help me train for anything.
Favorite TRX Move
I love the TRX Squat Row. It’s a great way for me to warm up and get my mind & body ready for work. The Squat Row engages my entire body, so I don’t need anything else to get me going!
I have a love/hate relationship with the Atomic Push-up. Every rep is tough and it’s absolute torture! But I know it’s good for my body and once I push through a set, I feel great.
No matter how busy my day is, working out with TRX always brings me back to center and keeps my body in winning form!

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