POPSUGAR Fitness Rocks A TRX Headstand
Posted on May 18, 2016 2:00:00 PM
POPSUGAR Fitness Rocks A TRX Headstand
When it comes to inversions, or getting turned upside down, most people hesitate trying one because of a healthy fear of falling.  Fair enough.  But for many folks that practice yoga, working on a headstand is a stand-out goal.  Why?  Beyond looking cool and gaining the associated bragging rights that come with it, there are many positive health-promoting benefits that come from inverting.  Sleep problems?  Get upside down!  Anxiety and/or depression?  Time to invert!  Blood-pressure issues? That headstand is looking better every minute.
The fit folks over at POPSUGAR Fitness recently cruised over to The TRX Training Center to take a TRX For Yoga class with Under Armor™ Athlete Shauna Harrison.  Click here to learn how the TRX Suspension Trainer successful helped the folks at POPSUGAR Fitness work into this challenging pose both safely, and with a good dose of confidence.

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