Potato Latke Workout

Posted on Thu, 10 Dec 2015 12:13:00 -08:00
Potato Latke Workout
Complete each exercise for one minute with a 30 second rest in between.  Repeat the circuit three times.
TRX Cycle Jump
Adjust the straps to mid length and stand facing the anchor point.  Elbows under shoulders, right leg forward, left leg back.  Lower hips down and back keeping chest tall until left knee is an inch off the ground.  Jump into air and switch legs so your left leg is forward and your right leg is back and immediately dip into a lunge.
TRX Low Row
Adjust the straps to mid-length and stand facing the anchor point.  Lean back while holding yourself up with the Suspension Trainer. Brace your core and focus on establishing a strong plank with your shoulders pulled down and back.  Maintain your plank, use your back muscles to pull your chest up to your hands. Lower yourself down in one slow, controlled movement.
Seal Jax [off TRX]
Start with feet together and arms in a T position.  Jump with your feet out past shoulder width and simultaneously clap hands together directly in front of your body.  Return to start position.  Continue moving between the two positions at your own pace.
TRX Mountain Climber
Adjust the straps to mid-length.  Place your feet into the foot cradles and lay facing the ground and away from the anchor point.  Start on your hand and knees and engage your core.  Keep weight over forearms/hands, lift hips, bring one knee toward chest, keep opposite leg straight. Extend leg back, bring opposite knee toward chest in a strong plank position.
TRX Hamstring Runners
Adjust the straps to mid-length. Place your feet into the foot cradles directly under the anchor point and lay facing the anchor point.  Lift your hips and engage your core.  Pull right toes toward body, drive heels down, pull one knee over hip, opposite leg is straight.  Return to start position and pull left heel in. 
Burpee [Off TRX]
Start in a standing position.  Lower your body while kicking your feet behind you into a plank position.  Lower your arms to perform a push up then drive your legs up by your hands and jump back to your standing position. 

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