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Redwood High School Lacrosse Season Update: Champions All Around!

Posted on Mon, 22 May 2017 12:08:00 -07:00

Redwood High School Lacrosse Season Update: Champions All Around!


Our local Redwood High School Lacrosse Team went into their season this year on the right foot with a hard core conditioning program led by Stein Skaar of Skaar Fitness with a multi-modality approach, integrating TRX Training products into the programming.

As they wrapped up their season, their tireless work ethic that was season in the pre-season conditioning was carried over throughout the regular season.

Led by Head coach Blake Atkins, assistant coaches Neil Butterfield, Scott Jennings, Phill Winnick, and John Gibbs, the Men’s Varsity Lacrosse team went on to go 16-8 overall and 11-0 in league play. After two years of being defeated by Marin Catholic in the MCAL championship, they recaptured the MCAL title in an amazing finale.

The Men’s JV team also went on to win the MCAL title going 13-5, led by head coach Keith Jayne and Assistant Coach Jordan Hunnell.

Relentless hard work, amazing chemistry, outstanding senior leadership, and superior coaching on all levels made this season all that it was. And, not to mention the next level equipment and programming from TRX Training and Skaar Fitness.

Champions all around!

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