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RESET TO RESPOND: 5 Minute Guided Meditation

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Reset to Respond: 5 Minute Guided Meditation

Hear from Krystal Say, TRX Master Instructor and Yoga Teacher, on what meditation means to her and why she finds it necessary.

"For me, meditation is a vehicle to provide mental clarity and get grounded.  Life happens fast and I thrive and love that adventure filled lifestyle. However, even for someone like me, the fast lane can become congested with mental clutter and chaos. The congestion creates lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, finish a task or thought and even cause burnout.  

This is why I meditate. It creates clarity on what is creating that congestion - more often referred to as stress.  I am able to refocus my attention on what is truly important to me (stop worrying so much!).  It promotes ease and reinvigorates my energy, my zest for life." 

Join Krystal as she leads us through a 5 minute, guided meditation session!


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