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Rip Training: Elastic Resistance Principle

Posted on Sun, 20 Nov 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

Rip Training: Elastic Resistance Principle


Watch TRX Director of Rip Training Pete Holman show you how to build explosive power, total body strength, cardio, and metabolic conditioning all at once by using the concept of elastic resistance in your TRX Rip Training. The Rip Trainer provides the ideal training environment for speed and power training because the elastic resistance cord allows users to accelerate the Rip Trainer throughout the entire range of motion. Power is simply the measurement of how fast you can move a load. To increase your power output, you either increase the weight you are moving in the same time period, or keep the weight the same and move it faster. Elastic Resistance is ideal for building explosive power because at the beginning range of motion there are low loads; low loads allow users to accelerate through the end range with significant speed.

Traditionally, the knock on elastic resistance is that it has no benefits for strength training. As seen in the video, by stretching the resistance cord towards its end range and modifying Jaime’s hand position on the bar, high tension loads are transmitted through the core. Strength training revolves around placing high tension loads through the body which can be accomplished while Rip Training.

Try some basic Rip Training exercises and feel the "power" of moving at speeds and increasing your metabolism, or build your strength by performing isometrics at the end range of motion. Power and strength are critical components of any conditioning program; Rip Training is a novel, effective and efficient way to incorporate power and strength training into your exercise routine. Train anytime, anywhere with the TRX Rip Trainer.

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