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Rip Training for Rowing

Posted on Wed, 05 Feb 2014 04:27:00 -08:00

Rip Training for Rowing

TRX Rip Trainer inventor, Pete Holman, a former two-time TaeKwondo National Champion has never stopped competing. His latest athletic pursuit, competitive indoor rowing, led him to enter the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships in Denver, CO. Holman spent months to compete in the 500-meter row at the championships and pulled a blistering 1:19.8 to win the competition and put himself first in the global online Concept 2 rowing rankings. 

To put this hallmark achievement in perspective, two-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning’s best 500-meter time on a Concept 2 is 1:24. 

Holman has used Rip Training to enhance his rowing performance and so can you. Rip Training complements the kinetic chains and muscle groups you use to row and it also helps balance fore/aft and bilateral asymmetries that rowers develop over time. 

Holman used this three-exercise progression to help him even out his stroke and prepare for his event. Perform 2-3 sets of 15 reps of each exercise on both sides. 

1. Rip Row (Beginner): 

Stand facing the anchor in a symmetrical stance

Hold the bar with both hands in middle of the grips 

Row the bar towards the chest 

Make sure the bar travels in the same path for every rep 

Focus on good, tall posture

2. Rip Squat Row (Intermediate): 

Same cueing as above, but add a squat motion (row at the top of squat) 

Focus on a deep squat and full hip extension as you stand 

3. Rip Jump Row (Advanced): 

This should only be performed if you can maintain a neutral spine and tolerate the impact from the jump. 

Perform the Rip Squat row but add a jump at the top of the motion.

To maintain position in the air, rotate your shoulders and hips towards the anchor at the bottom of the squat.

Stay focused, train hard and keep the dream alive.

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