Rippin' Up the Road with TRX Senior Master Instructor Marc Coronel
Posted on Oct 10, 2016 1:46:00 PM
This past August, TRX Senior Master Instructor, Marc Coronel, hit the road with a TRX Rip Trainer and a whole lotta’ purpose. At the surface, this August Rip Month / Energia Road Trip, depicted below (and all over social media #augusttrxrip #energiaroadtrip), may appear to be little more than a couple of goofballs acting crazy in strange locations. However, the heart and soul behind this whole thing was meant to illustrate the connective tissue that is TRX Education. No matter where you are/what you do, the common thread - this “Movement” for Movement - is all about linking us together in a pursuit to better ourselves, our clients and the world around us.
Some highlights from Marc and others. 
#AugustRipTrip #EnergiaRoadTrip

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